Terms and Conditions of Booking

Terms and Conditions of Booking

Any booking whether confirmed verbally, electronically or in writing will be subject to a contract carrying the following terms and conditions.

Contracts open as soon as the Client verbally, electronically or in writing confirms the agreed fee.

  1. Singers:

Venues will book Sofia/ Sofia Management Artists in advance and a deposit will be paid 1 month in advance to the event. The existing amount will be then paid on the night unless contracted to Sofia Management with a different agreement.

Singers if cancelled with less than 1 month’ notice will charge 50% of the fee and if less than 48 hours a full 100% of the fee. If the singer/performer contracts to another venue then the fee will be deducted from the cancellation fee. However special occasions such as:- New Year’s Eve, Christmas Eve, Weddings , Parties and other social events will take £100 on booking and receive the full fee prior to entertaining. Cancellation fee of £100  at any time for these events.

It is the singer/performers job to make sure they arrive on time and a courtesy call will be made 1 week before the event.

It is the responsibility of the singer/performer to agree start/finish times, and set duration, with the venue prior to the performance.


  1. Models:

Any modelling contracts using Sofia management as an agent are to be conducted via the instructing client and Sofia management only, this includes any repeat bookings.

Clients will clearly state the type/genre of modelling going ahead so that Sofia Management models can be prepared for the work ahead. For example, swimwear, nudity, outdoor or indoor modelling must be clearly stated before arrival.

Fees must be discussed and agreed by both parties prior to any booking being accepted.

The following terms will apply in the event of the client cancelling the booking:

  • More than 1 month notice ……nil.
  • Less than 1 month notice …… 50% of the agreed fee.
  • If the cancellation is due to outside influence (weather etc.) and the booking is not renewed a charge of 75% will be levied if the cancellation is less than one week prior to the event.


  1. Payment:

3.1 All cancellation fees shall be paid to Sofia Management within 14 days of the Event Date, with a receipt issued on clearance of payment.

               3.2 Should a change of date be requested the charge will be levied, subject to a suitable alternative date being agreed by all parties.

             3.3 The normal terms and conditions will apply to any alternative dates.