Sofia Management is industry known for providing quality and dedicated extras to productions ranging from advertising to music videos to TV, Film and Theatre, especially over the last 18 months.

Work includes Belgravia for ITV, Demons music video, 2 large Bollywood music videos with multi million followers, Gok Wan tv shows, Dark Money Thriller, Cold Feet and much more.

Extra work is a great way to earn some extra income without the line learning or being the main focus.

Sofia Management look for great punctuality, friendly and well mannered personalities and also someone well groomed. Companies contact us with costume, hair and makeup, times and venue details to which they expect to be fulfilled from us. Although extra work is fun it is also business and we work to be the best we can for future work.

Please do not turn up with autograph books and cameras as this is NOT allowed.

Register Your Interest To Become An Extra With Sofia Talent Management

If you would like to register for work as an extra with Sofia Talent Management please complete the form below with as much information about yourself as possible and we’ll be in touch for an informal interview as quickly as possible.

Please note, sections marked * are required.  Once you have submitted the form you can scroll down to check your details before finally sending it to us.  You’ll also have the opportunity to print it should you require it.  Thank you