Who Is Sofia management ?

In August 2016 after months of research and networking, Actor/Singer Rachel Spencer opened the Talent company Sofia Management. Rachel has been in the performing profession since the age of 9 starting in Oliver Twist at the Manchester Opera House, which led to large television roles and a 96 episode contract with the BBC in ‘Doctors’. Rachel switched between musical theatre and television and made plenty of contacts on the way. After a great run of work business became quiet and Rachel felt work had become about teaching and helping others, so decided to set up alone and make that her aim. Helping others gain confidence and be pushed in the right direction was something Rachel wanted to be a part of. Sofia Management not only offers casting opportunities but also workshops with current casting directors and directors.

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What we do


As a Management we provide different sections of the acting process.



Here at Sofia Management we get asked a lot of questions on all sorts of subjects to do with the world of talent management, so to help you we’ve started with just a few of the most frequently asked ones.

The simple answer is none. We take on any size, any ethnicity as long as they are hard-working, honest and good at their art.

We want a good set of head-shots, an comprehensive profile listing your biography, history, any specialist skills and talents along with a strong show-reel.

If you’re just starting out and don’t have any of these, please don’t worry, we can assist you.

Sofia Management run showcase days where acts can perform for our company and venues in the surrounding area to gain bookings through-out the year.

We are a non-sole company which means you can also work for other agents, however any work found by Sofia Management goes through us and only us.

If you have any questions that are not listed here and would like to ask, please use the contact form here.

Current Clients

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