Profile Information

  • Actor type:   TV/Feature Film Actor, Background Actor, Theatre Actor, Drama Actor, and Musicals Actor
  • Gender:   Male
  • Age:   23
  • Country:   United Kingdom
  • Height:   183cm/6ft
  • Clothing Size (Male):   Small (S)
  • Shoe Size (UK Male):   7
  • Skin Color:   Fair
  • Tattoos:   No



Zander is a professionally trained actor, born in Greenock, who graduated in 2018 with a higher national diploma in acting and performance from west college Scotland. He is a passionate actor who has a great deal of athleticism, presence and commitment to his work, he has a story to tell and vision to share. He has over 10 years experience in the arts and originated from a musical theatre background which he soon turned to drama. He is part of an award winning web series, and has worked with the No.1 touring theatre company in the UK, M&M Theatrical Productions. If their is someone who travels distance and puts in their blood, sweat and tears to get the job done, its James Zander. Likes : Screen Acting, Physical Theatre, Musical Theatre, Voice Over, Radio, Pantomimes, Soaps, Drag. Dislikes : Touring Theatre, Cruise Ships. Ambition : I want to be starring as a lead role in films similar to Thunder Road, Captain Private Phillips, The Odd Life Of Timothy Green, I want to be doing more heartfelt story and enjoy playing the romantic roles, I want to do Period Dramas and be playing Princes in Pantomimes. I believe I have a very dynamic range when it comes to producing characters, I do like searching for the good in evil characters too. I always have thought I would make a great Norman Bates. I want to get better at singing

Work Experience


# 2020, Educational, Jamie/Grandpa Joe/Man, IS THIS ME, Arkeen Theatre Company, Joanne Tulips
# 2020, Event, Crackle, SLAY BELLS RING, Can You Catch The Killer, Kenny Boyle
# 2019, Pantomime, Peter Pan/Butch/Nana (skin role), PETER PAN, M&M Theatrical Productions, Alessandro Sanguigni
# 2018, Web Series, Kevin, DEMONOLOGIST FOR HIRE, S2, EP1, “EXORCISM FOR BEGINNERS”, Lily Island Films, Uisdean Murray



    •     Cycling
    •     Horse-riding
    •     Ice Skating
    •     Martial Arts
    •     Running
    •     Snowboarding
    •     Stage Combat
    •     Swimming
    •     Table Tennis*
    •     Yo-Yo



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