Profile Information

  • Actor type:   TV/Feature Film Actor, Background Actor, and Theatre Actor
  • Modelling Style:   Fashion Model, Catwalk Model, Commercial Model, and Child Model
  • Gender:   Female
  • Age:   13
  • Height:   132cm/4ft 4inch
  • Female Dress Size (UK):   8
  • Shoe Size (UK Child):   13
  • Eye Color:   Hazel
  • Skin Color:   Fair
  • Hair Color:   Light Brown
  • Hair Length:   Long
  • Tattoos:   No
  • Experience:   Emma is an all-round talented model.



Emma enjoys all aspects of life. She is always smiling and talks lots and likes to interact and stay busy all the time. She has lots of friends from all age group.

Emma loves all aspects of sport which include gymnastics, Cross Country, Cheerleading, multi sports and netball.

When she is not doing her sporting activities she will be doing acting and singing with the two theatre groups she attends, Footlight and Stagecoach.

Emma also enjoys modelling and pageants which has kept her busy over the last two years.

Emma dislikes having nothing to do. Emma likes to be having fun and competing in pageants, modelling or acting to keep her busy.

Emma’s ambition is to be on TV and hopefully one day it will become true, And to become a famous singer.

Work Experience


Emma has done modelling for The Model House in Grimsby and modelled for Petite bejour Jewellery and also Lupsy Lollies. She has also done catwalk modelling at The Cleethorpes pier and the Oakland’s hotel Grimsby for Charity.

Emma has also travelled all over the country competing in pageants and has just recently come back from Disneyland Paris after being placed in the top 10 for Face of Europe and the World Pageant. She has raised over £3500 for various charities over the last two years.

Emma has also had the main parts in her school shows over the last two years. She was Matilda in her school performing arts show and last Christmas she had a solo singing part and played the role of Mary from Mary and Joseph. She just loves to act and sing.



Emma can do Gymnastics, cheerleading, cross country. If she put her mind to it she can so any sport. She can ride a bike, swim, rollerblade and skipping.

She loves to sing and act, Emma sings all the time at home and she sang in front of everyone at my sister’s wedding reception a song that she had learnt (Love Story by Taylor swift).