Profile Information

  • Modelling Style:   Fashion Model, Catwalk Model, Commercial Model, and Fitness Model
  • Gender:   Male
  • Age:   23
  • Country:   United Kingdom
  • Height:   185cm/6ft 1inch
  • Clothing Size (Male):   Medium (M)
  • Shoe Size (UK Male):   9
  • Skin Color:   Fair
  • Tattoos:   No
  • Experience:   Physique Model



Since the age of 9 I have played and competed in badminton up to elite level. I have a passion for fitness and one day I would like to put my hard work in the gym on show at a physique/modelling competition. Also I do quite a lot of photography and video editing in my spare time.

In general I dislike spending my time doing things that do not achieve anything. But alongside that I also dislike doing large amounts of writing or anything that involves sitting in a stationary spot for large amounts of time.

Work Experience


Previously, I have done a multiple photo-shoots with Aidan Bell to build up my portfolio. These photo-shoots have ranged from fitness modelling style pictures to formal/smart (fully clothed) style pictures. But I have not worked on any specific-paid modelling jobs before.


I have a variety of skills and talents…
I can drive a car, speak German (not fluently), do the rubiks cube, DJ, play badminton to a high level, coach badminton (qualified level 2 badminton coach) and I can instruct fitness activities (qualified level 2 fitness instructor).