Profile Information

  • Actor type:   TV/Feature Film Actor, Background Actor, Theatre Actor, and Drama Actor
  • Dancers Type:   Modern Dance, Jazz Dance, and Swing Dance
  • Modelling Style:   Fashion Model, Catwalk Model, and Commercial Model
  • Gender:   Female
  • Age:   29
  • Country:   United Kingdom
  • Height:   160cm/5ft 3inch
  • Bust:   32B
  • Shoe Size (UK Female):   5
  • Eye Color:   Green
  • Hair Color:   Light Brown
  • Hair Length:   Long
  • Tattoos:   No
  • Experience:   Talented, Actress, Singer & Dancer



I am best described as an entertainer. I have a passion for performance and have trained in various areas of theatre and dance, as well as aerial performance. 1 see modelling as an extension of my performance background and treat each shoot as a new production.
I love travelling and frequently work abroad as part of a hotel animation team. Working outdoors in the sunshine is my heaven.
My aims for the future and my career are to continue to travel and perform, in various different fields, adding to my skill-set as I go, until it’s not longer possible for me to continue!

Josie is an experienced, versatile and passionate model and performer. Josie is professionally trained in theatre and dance and is currently training in aerial hoop and pole dance, with an avid interest in circus arts. Josie also loves to travel and spends time working abroad as part of a hotel animation team, leading a variety of daytime activities and evening shows, meaning she has experience in presenting and performing in front of varied audiences. Josie’s modelling experience is wide ranging and she is not afraid to climb trees, sit in cold ponds and prance around in fields to get that perfect shot.

Work Experience


I have a BA (Hons) Degree in Theatre Performance from Falmouth University and a HNC in Dance from Chichester College. I have performed as part of youth & adult theatre and dance companies, including the Company ‘Freefall Dance’ based in Cornwall. I have taken workshops in various fields of performance such as mime and clowning, with companies such as Frantic Assembly and have a large interest in physical performance. I am a keen actor and have performed on The Polar Express Train Ride in Dartmoor for two Christmas seasons.

My modelling career started in university for student projects and has progressed to a large portfolio of work including: 3 NW catalogues for Dents; publications in Dreamingless Magazine, CT Magazine, and Creative Portraits Magazine; on-line catalogues for What Alice Found Vintage and Buqsy Pants and non commercial work for new and established photographers personal portfolios



Acting, dance, pole dance, aerial hoop, basic hoola-hoop tricks, flexibility, can drive.