Profile Information

  • Actor type:   TV/Feature Film Actor, Background Actor, and Theatre Actor
  • Gender:   Female
  • Country:   United Kingdom
  • Experience:   Bianca is a model, actress and occasional singer



Born in the UK, Bianca is a model, actress and occasional singer for charities etc. She holds many more bows to her string, and her last 9-5 job was in a Stockbrokers. Her experience within acting has so far seen her on TV in soaps, dramas and films. Musical theatre also, including performing at The Lowry. She has her own music videos on YouTube and has headlined various clubs etc. Modelling sees her onto catwalks like and Liverpool Fashion Week. In her free time she enjoys socialising, catching up with friends and spending time with her house bunny.

“Life’s too short to live the same day twice. I reached a point in my life a while back and thought I need to go for it – I’m not getting any younger and I have an abundance of things I want to experience and try. Today I’m fortunate enough to say the plunge paid off in leaving the 9-5, and I get to do all the things I love now. Its not easy, and most certainly not a glamorous lifestyle by any means! But how many people can truly say they are happy in what they do..?”

Work Experience


I’ve been a model for 6yrs freelance , I’ve been published in various magazines , brochures , newspaper, etc. Covered many genres and have completed several catwalks including the and more recently Manchester Fashion Week living proof you can do anything you put your mind to at any age!. I love what I do and am confident.



  • Basic horse riding
  • Basic ice skating
  • Driving
  • The ability to cope with criticism and rejection
  • Good grooming and willingness to look after myself
  • Massage Therapist
  • Singing
  • Acting



2017 Music Video Brianna Marcus Midi – Bunker Sonder Films – Nicole Pott
2017 Corp. Film Myself GSK – Different Charlie Watts
2016 Short Film Lead Interviewer Fissure Dry Run Films – Paul Wright
2016 Music Video Widow Kev Scott – Helpless Chris Holland
2016 Music Video Officer Worker Nathan Grisedale Keep Me young – Dan Fable
2016 Short Film Kirsten Crooked Valley Patrick Parkinson
2016 TV Enquiry Officer Coronation Street ITV – David Kester/Jon
2016 Short Film Trisha Wake Anderson
2015 TV Tatu 2 No Offence Salford Uni
2014 Short Film Medic 2031 AbbottVision, David Kerr
2014 TV Sarah Parkinson Banished Bolton Uni
2014 Stage Stacee Rock of Ages Musical RSJ Films, Daniel Percival
2014 TV Backing Singer “CILLA” ITV Cilla Ltd – P. Whittington
2014 Short Film Dr Martin The Cradle UCLAN – Anthony Smith
2014 Voice Over Victoria The Riveter Nehir C Glean
2014 Short Film Liz Shaun of the Dead Bolton Uni
2013 TV Nurse Philpott Emmerdale ITV – Neil Alderton
2013 Theatre Honey Bunny Pulp Fiction – Tour Strange + Twisted Events
2013 TV Lorna Smith Britains Darkest Taboos ITV / SKY
2013 Short Film June Hotpots II Elerby Studios
2013 Web Series Rosie Love Hurts Chris Hembury
2013 Showreel Brandy Showreel Video Ink
2013 Short Film Tixi Goat Video Ink
2012 Music Video Weather Girl Post Zero Video Ink, Adam Barker
2012 Short Film Erin Purity Rochdale Movie Makers
2011 Theatre Mrs Sowerby Oliver Radcliffe – Howard Raw
2011 Short Film Julie The Heist UCLAN – Nick Lunn