Profile Information

  • Actor type:   TV/Feature Film Actor, Background Actor, and Musicals Actor
  • Gender:   Female
  • Age:   19
  • Country:   United Kingdom
  • Height:   160cm/5ft 3inch
  • Female Dress Size (UK):   8
  • Shoe Size (UK Female):   5
  • Skin Color:   Fair
  • Hair Length:   Long
  • Tattoos:   No
  • Experience:   Talented actress and performer



I have loved to sing ever since the age of 3 and fell in love with musicals the first time I ever watched grease. In primary school I was in all the plays such as Simba in The Lion King and Blousey in Bugsey Malone. However, since being bullied for two years in high school it rapidly knocked my confidence, so I would just sing with my Mum in the car or in my bedroom. After the bullies got expelled aged 13, I auditioned for Hairspray where my confidence came back again. In my spare time I love singing at festivals and gigs to explore different styles in singing. I enjoy singing theatre, R&B, pop and rock. Also I love doing my make-up and having mini photo shoots with my friends. My least favourite food in egg, I cant even eat cream eggs because it has the word egg in it. Putting that aside i have a massive dream to either perform on cruise ships, films or the west end. I have an extremely bubbly personality to which I love socialising with people.

Work Experience


I have played main roles in theatre-
Penny Pigleton from Hairspray, Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Wicked Witch in Wizard Of Oz.

I sing around the Midlands-
Festivals around Sandwell and Wolverhampton.
Nightclubs in Birmingham with a Bhangra Band.
Council award evenings.
Charity events.
My biggest event i have performed at is Wembley Arena 2 years in a row for Adoption UK.
Came first place in Sandwell SHAPE your talent competition where I won £500 which I brought a Mac book so I could make my own music at home.
Won a trophy for best new comer in search for a star competition in Birmingham.

I also will be attending BOA sixth form in September where i will be studying Musical Theatre.
I used to be in a theatre group where I did a lot of dance shows such as Jazz and Hip hop.
I also have experience of pole fitness and go to the gym a lot to increase my strength as I love being busy and active.




I love to dance and do tricks such as cartwheels, leaps and high kicks.
Pole fitness tricks which really increased my strength.
Sing whistle notes at a high G.
I can also do sfx and normal make-up to a high standard.
Also love doing different accents such as posh British, Australian, American, Irish.