Profile Information

  • Actor type:   TV/Feature Film Actor, Background Actor, Theatre Actor, and Advertising Actor
  • Gender:   Female
  • Age:   14
  • Height:   157cm/5ft 2inch
  • Shoe Size (UK Child):   4
  • Eye Color:   Green
  • Skin Color:   Olive
  • Hair Color:   Light Brown
  • Hair Length:   Long
  • Tattoos:   No
  • Experience:   Talented Actress Ready for New Roles


I am currently in year 8 at school.I really enjoy acting and drama activities. I enjoy sports such as football , rounders and swimming .I am confident and very sociable and enjoy challenges and new tasks.In the future I would like to become an actress ,presenter and a model especially for clothes or hair.

Work Experience


I have been dancing and singing since I was about 3 years old,I did lots of musical theatre shows with Deborah Simmons Dance company in Ramsbottom.I now much prefer drama and I have attended Helen O Grady Drama School in Bury each Thursday for 2 years following on from Primary school classes with her.
This involves preparing for theatre shows each year and learning new skills.


I can speak French and Spanish as well as .being good at football. I am a confident person and don’t worry about new activities ,I just enjoy them.I can sing and dance and love meeting new people. I work well with other children in groups as well as adults in drama and also like to do individual parts.